Weekly Coaches Tip – May 22nd

It has been an exceptional year so far at the academy, where we have had the privilege of assisting players of all skill levels in discovering their perfect clubs. Our custom fitting process begins with the Mizuno Shaft Optimizer, a vital tool that helps us determine the ideal shaft type and bend profile that complements your unique swing. Taking into account your golfing objectives and aesthetic preferences, we meticulously explore various club models and carefully analyze the data. Our focus extends beyond sheer distance, as we prioritize consistency and accuracy. To ensure the perfect fit, we thoroughly examine critical factors such as descent angle, spin rates, apex, and more. After all, having a club that adds 20 yards to your shot won’t suffice if it can’t deliver the precision needed to drop and stop on a green surface. With our custom fitting expertise, we guarantee that your clubs will optimize your performance and elevate your game to new heights.


Jamie Fraser

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