Coaching Services

First Class Coaching

Instruction Built for You

Our motto at the Hal Sutton Golf Academy is that it ‘takes a village’ to help you reach your goals. That means that you aren’t Hal Sutton’s student or Chase Cooper’s student, you’re OUR student and WE will do everything that we can to help YOU.

New to Hal Sutton Golf?

New Student Assessment

This is an initial evaluation that is done by both Hal Sutton and Chase Cooper. This evaluation lasts about 90 minutes and it helps us get to know you and helps you get to know us. We will ask alot of questions, assess all aspects of your game, and then come up with an improvement plan that is specifically designed for you. 

$300 for new students


Individual Lessons

Hal Sutton – $250 (1 hour) | $150 (30 minutes)
Chase Cooper – $200 (1 hour) | $125 (30 minutes)
Will Paulsell – $100 (1 hour) | $75 (30 minutes)

*Contact us for lesson package information and group rates.

Ongoing Player Development

Monthly Lesson Memberships

Silver Package:
New to lessons or aren’t sure how many times you can come see us? Then this plan was tailor-made for you. This plan includes the following: 1 hour lesson with Hal Sutton or 1.5 hours with Chase Cooper, and 5 hours of access to practice bays with FlightScope Mevo+ and a skills assessment each month using TrackMan or GCQuad.
$300* per month ($475+ value)
Gold Package:
This is the perfect plan for someone ready to take that next step in their journey to be a better golfer. This plan includes the following: 2 hours worth of lessons per month with Hal (2.5 hours with Chase), 5 hours of access to practice bays with FlightScope Mevo+, monthly 9 hole playing lessons or skills
assessments on our TrackMan or GCQuad simiulator, discounted merchandise/equipment and free
yardage gapping and club adjustments.
$500* per month ($750+ value)
Platinum Package:
If you’re ready to do whatever it takes to reach your golfing goals, then you’ve come to the right place. This plan provides you with unlimited access to the Hal Sutton Golf Academy. This plan includes: Unlimited monthly lessons with Hal Sutton and Chase Cooper, unlimited practice access to the academy, free club fittings, discounted merchandise/equipment, free DECADE ELITE stats tracking app, monthly skills assessments using TrackMan or GCQuad, and a 9 hole playing lesson on the golf course.
$1,000* per month ($1500+ value)
Please note: we will only accept 10 people in our platinum package. 
*All monthly lesson packages require a 3 month minimum. 


Monthly Practice Plan

You know this story all too well. You head to the range to go practice with great intentions and then it happens… First swing, oops…you moved your head. Second swing… didn’t release your hands. Third swing… didn’t transfer your weight. Fourth swing, bad tempo and so on and so on… After 2 hours of this, you’re both worn out and frustrated. This is one of the reasons why most golfers don’t improve.

You need a PLAN! That’s why you see practically EVERY player on the PGA Tour with a TrackMan behind them. They want to know what the data is and now you can too! With this plan, you can get immediate feedback with our TrackMan, GCQuad, or Flightscope. You’ll see club and ball data to know EXACTLY what you are doing.  Not sure what the data means? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered!  Also, let’s face it… Houston, Texas isn’t known for it’s perfect weather. It’s either 100 and humid or it’s raining. So come enjoy unlimited practice time at our indoor facility with perfect weather and with the best technology available.

$99 per month

Custom Built

Golf Schools

We offer half day, full day, 2 day, and 3 day golf schools. Our schools range from 4-8 people. Most of our schools will be given at our academy here in North Houston, but we also offer destination golf schools as well. Please contact us for more information.

Take it to the course

Playing Lessons

As golf technology like TrackMan and GCQuad has improved, simulator golf has become very popular and very accurate making it easier for us to assess your game indoors. We offer both simulator playing lessons and on course playing lessons. Please contact us for more information.

Built for you

Club Fitting

Often overlooked is the importance of club fitting. With the emergence of all the golf technology we have at our disposal, especially radars like TrackMan, GCQuad, and Flightscope, there is NEVER a reason for you to buy clubs straight off the rack. We’ve played at the highest level and know how your clubs should perform for you. The answer isn’t always lower spin. The answer isn’t always a super expensive custom shaft. The answer isn’t always more distance. It takes REAL experience to guarantee you perfect fitting clubs.

Driver - $100
Woods - $100
Irons - $100
Wedges - $100
Putter - $100
Full Bag - $250
Distance Gapping - $100 includes loft/lie adjustments (1 hour)
Ball Fitting - $75 (45 minutes)
Loft/life Review w/adjustments - $50

Unique Experience

Corporate Outings

Interested in entertaining some golf fanatic clients of yours? What about a golf school for some of your best employees? What a better way to do some golf entertainment than with a Ryder Cup Captain and 14-Time PGA Tour Winner. Hal has done corporate outings all over the world. Events like Pro-Ams on the PGA Tour, one and two day golf outings at world class golf courses, different types of golf schools, and many more. You can even rent out our facility for a special event for your employees! Contact us today for your entertainment needs.