Season 2 of Be The Right Club Podcast brings your favorite PGA Tour Legend Hal Sutton together with a whole new crew. Director of the Academy, Jamie Fraser and Head Golf Instructor, Jamie Marshall, join Hal to talk experience, memories, instruction, the modern game and much more.

Coming soon, Hal will be joined by guests from the world of golf with the two Jamies. Don't worry -- the accents make it easy to tell them apart.

  • Season 2 - Episode 2: Dr. Izzy Justice

    Hal and Jamie (Fraser) are joined by Dr. Izzy Justice on Episode 2. Dr. Justice is a Sports Neuroscientist and the author of 8 books on Emotional Intelligence. He has been in the Neuroscience field for over 30 years and was the first person to integrate EQ into sports and athletic performance. For more information on Dr. Justice work head to

  • Season 2 - Episode 1: Introduction

    The Be The Right Club Today Podcast returns for Season 2! Hal introduces the new team at the Hal Sutton Golf Academy. Jamie Fraser, originally from Scotland, joins as the Director of the Academy. Jamie Marshall, born in Canada, comes in as Head of Instruction. Hal and the team discuss golf swing, how they view coaching and also LIV golf! Follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Youtube @halsuttongolf and head on over to our website Enjoy the podcast!

  • S1 Episode 75: Beth Ann Nichols

    This week we were pleased to have Beth Ann Nichols, Senior Writer at Golfweek and the first female president of the Golf Writers' Association of America on the podcast. We discussed the historic US Women's Open purse, LIV Golf, the future of the LPGA Tour and more. Tune in for an interesting take from one of golf's best journalists!

  • Episode 74: Commitment

    What is commitment? Is it the missing piece to an elite golf game? How do we hit committed shots under pressure? Find out this week on Be The Right Club Today Podcast!

  • Episode 73: Frank Nobilo

    Frank Nobilo has won 15 times worldwide, placed top 10 in all four majors, and is one of the best commentators in golf today. We were lucky to have him on the podcast this week to discuss last week's PGA Championship at Southern Hills, Tiger's return, the impact of distance on the future of golf, and more.

  • Episode 72: Athletic Motion Golf (AMG)

    This week on the Be The Right Club Today Podcast, Hal and Chase are joined by Shaun Webb and Mike Granato, founders of Athletic Motion Golf (AMG). Their successful YouTube Channel with over 145k subscribers, along with their online and in person coaching have revolutionized golf instruction. On this episode, they talk with Hal and Chase about the difference in pro swings vs amateurs, whether the pivot or the arms drive the golf swing, how to shallow the golf club, how golf swings change as we age, and much more! Tune in to hear from two of the best golf instructors in the world!

  • Episode 71: Doug Ferguson

    This week Hal and Chase sit down with AP Golf Writer Doug Ferguson to discuss the upcoming PGA Championship at Southern Hills, Scott Scheffler’s run as World #1, the LIV Golf controversy, and what it’s like covering the greatest golfers in the world! Tune in for a unique and interesting perspective from the recipient of the PGA Lifetime Achievement Award in Journalism, Doug Ferguson.

  • Episode 70: Dr. Bob Winters, PhD

    This week Hal and Chase chat with Dr. Bob Winters about confidence in the game of golf, putting psychology, committing to shots, having a clear cut game plan, and more.  Dr Bob Winters is an internationally renowned sports psychologist, author, and professional speaker.He holds a P.h.D. in sports psychology from the University of Virginia. He’s spent over 35 years helping athletes get in the winner’s circle and to achieve their full potential. Tune in to level up your mental game on this week's episode of Be The Right Club Today Podcast!

  • Episode 69: Freddie Burns

    Hal’s longtime caddie on the PGA Tour, Freddie Burns, joins the podcast this week to discuss their prolific partnership, how they got their start as a team, share stories from the PGA Tour, and talk about what it takes to win at the highest levels.

  • Episode 68: Raymond Prior, PhD

    This week, Raymond Prior, PhD joins the podcast in-person to help all our our listeners' mental games. Raymond is a Performance Consultant specializing in helping his clients compete and work at the highest level. He works with PGA Tour players, business executives, entertainers and more. In this episode, Hal, Chase, and Raymond sit down to discuss the importance of "the struggle," how to stay in the present, dealing with anxiety and nerves on the golf course, and the importance of acceptance to achieve great things on and off the golf course. 

  • Episode 67: Scott Cowx

    This week, PGA Tour Coach and Canadian PGA Teacher of the Year and biomechanics expert Scott Cowx joins the Be The Right Club Today Podcast. He discusses Scottie Scheffler's unique swing, playing under pressure, the importance of hand speed in producing clubhead speed and much more!

  • Episode 66: The Masters

    Hal and Chase sit down to discuss Tiger's return to the PGA Tour and to talk about this one special week a year, The Masters.

  • Episode 65: Q&A

    It’s time for another Q&A on Be The Right Club Today Podcast! This week Hal and Chase dive into your questions from Twitter and Instagram and answer as many as they can. They cover it all from swing thoughts to lowering your handicap to analyzing their own careers. Tune in and see if they answered your question!

  • Episode 64: Dr. Karl Morris

    Dr. Karl Morris is one of the leading mental game coaches in Europe and worldwide. He is the founder of the Mind Factor and author of The Lost Art of Golf series. He has worked with such talents as Louis Oosthuizen, Darren Clarke, Lee Westwood, Paul McGinley, Graeme McDowell and more.  He sat down this week with Hal and Chase to discuss the importance of committing to shots, accepting poor shots, tapping into your creative brain, and much more. Tune in for a comprehensive look at the mental game.

  • Episode 62: Playing In The Wind

    Hal and Chase recap the bad-weather-plagued Players Championship, Cam Smith's exciting win, and explain how they deal with playing in blustery conditions. From mindset to shot selection to club selection, Hal and Chase teach how best to cope with the wind.

  • Episode 61: Steve Elkington

    This week Hal and Chase are joined by 17-time Tour Winner, PGA Champion, and 2X Players Champion Steve Elkington. They discuss the intricacies of Pete Dye’s TPC Sawgrass, the types of player they like to win this week, and everything else Players Championship.

  • Episode 60: Brandel Chamblee

    Chase and Hal were pleased to have Brandel Chamblee back on the podcast this week to discuss everything surrounding Phil Mickelson and the SGL: What was Phil looking to accomplish? Is he suspended from the PGA Tour? Where does the PGA Tour go from here? Tune in and find out!

  • Episode 59: Andy Pettitte

    For their first non-golfer on the Be The Right Club Today Podcast, Hal and Chase are joined this week by 5X World Series Champion and MLB Legend, Andy Pettitte. They discuss the parallels between golf and baseball, the importance of visualization and commitment, learning from failure and much more. Andy provides great insight into athletic performance at the highest levels. It's an episode you won't want to miss!

  • Episode 58: Mach 3 Speed Training

    Episode 58: Mach 3 Speed Training This week’s episode features Mike Romatowski, creator of the Mach 3 Speed Training System, and Sarah White, the leader in average driving distance on the Epson Tour (298.6 yards). They join the podcast to talk about their Mach 3 Speed System and how it can help golfers increase their club head speed, get stronger, and enjoy the game more.

  • Episode 57: Hale Irwin

    This week, Hal and Chase are joined by 3X US Open Winner, 20X PGA Tour and 45X Champions Tour winner, Hale Irwin. They discuss setting reachable and attainable goals, the importance of being a multi-sport athlete, the Super Golf League, and much more. Lots of knowledge in this episode, check it out!