The Putting drill you need to add to your game!

We get asked often at the academy about “how should I practice” or “what are the best drills to improve X and Y.” Well, today I’ll share one of my favorite putting drills and one you should add to your practice routine!

As with any practice putting session I start with some strike work, start line work and pace work. After that I want to play a game that will help transfer the skills i’ve worked on into more of a in-game situation. The drill is from the great book by Adam Young ” The Practice Manual” and is called “3,6,9 drill.’ I love this drill as it introduces random putts, one ball and will apply some pressure in the moment which we all know if key to improvement in practice.

Set up 10 tees around a hole, You want to randomize the set up, a mix of uphill/downhill and sidehill for each length of putt;

  • 3 at 3 feet
  • 3 at 6 feet
  • 3 at 9 feet
  • 1 extra tee peg at 6 feet for the pressure putt.


The goal is to go through your routine and putt from each tee peg. The goal is to hole 6 out of 9 putts, then you can move onto the extra 6 foot pressure putt. IF you hole that, you move onto level 2. For every level you hit an additional 3 foot putt. 10 putts total, and you have you hole 7 of 10 to then have a chance at the pressure 6 footer, and then if you hole that move onto level 3. Once you reach Level 5 you then add on an extra 6 foot putt, then level 8 you start adding extra 9 foot putts. The game continues like this infinitely. I would set up a monthly target to see what level you can get to. Then reset at the start of the new month.

I love this drill for the following reasons;

  • It is one ball.
  • You should go through your routine on each putt.
  • It will test your focus, discipline and commitment.
  • It adds a pressure element as you try and progress through the levels.
  • Works on that key range inside 10 feet and different breaks.

For more great drills and practice advice check out Adam’s book “The Practice Manual”.

Smooth rolling!


Jamie Fraser


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