Effective Practice – Performance Practice

Effective Practice – Performance Practice

How do I practice? What more can I do to shoot lower scores? How do I use my time wisely? Are you tired of mindlessly hitting golf balls without seeing any improvement in your scores? This article will explore effective performance practice and how it can help you lower your scores and get more out of your sessions.

We can easily fall into the trap of beating balls with no purpose and unless you are actively monitoring what you are doing you could be repeating bad habits. Work on the key drills coaches may have given you and set a side some time for performance practice that is measured.

Sessions and tests like our Trackman Wedge Test Leaderboard at the ACADEMY is the perfect performance practice. 10 randomized yardages between 50 & 120 yards;

  • On a scale of 0-100 each shot is awarded points based upon the precision on the carry number and the accuracy.
  • A measured score is perfect, as you can aim to improve on it each time you are out at the academy and see your progress.
  • Carry out your full pre-shot routine on every shot as if you were on the golf course. This will test your patience, and your ability to stay focused and carry out your routine , especially after a bad couple of shots, can you refocus and still try to execute 100 pointers, even if you know you can beat your previous best? How well can you recover and refocus your mind after a bad shot.

This type of practice is fantastic, as you are training what your approach would be on the course and working on your ability to focus on the shot at hand. You will also quickly realize the weaknesses in your game.

GSPRO has a function, “Full Bag Test”. This will your measure your ability to hit certain distances throughout the whole bag. Much like Trackman’s full Combine test. I would recommend trying this test too! Measured practice and build confidence in your game, and focus on the things that actually lower scores and improve our skills than mindlessly beating balls.

Our current leader on the wedge test leaderboard is Callum McNeill with an impressive score of 88.9! Try and knock him off the top next time you are out at the Academy.


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